All our products are put together with the highest quality materials  and are designed to catch slammers. We are the only .shop in the northeast using D & D molds. Our products are listed below.

Hillbilly Lure & Tackle 

Walleye Harnesses                                                                       Striper Rigs                                                              Sounders

Pike Harnesses                                                                            Trout/Salmon Rigs                                                  Down Rigger Balls

Trout Troll l  18"  3 Blade 215X                                                     Trout Spoons

Trout Troll ll   30"  3Blade 315X                                                    Sucker Harnesses

Trout Troll lll  30"  3 Blade 415XT                                                 Trout Spinners              

Trout Troll lV  30"  4 Blade 415X                                                  Trout Miscellaneous our dealers.  Tell dealers what you need.