Hillbilly Lure & Tackle 

Catch The Big One

I am an outdoors man and during "the season" I am out and about every chance I get.  I know that you have to put in serious time to catch that slammer or kill a big buck. I enjoy fishing, hunting, trapping, and of course lure making.  My grandfather, George Lepska, was a well known sportsman.  He taught me how to hunt, fish, and trap at an early age. Some of my grandfather's memories are on display at the Wildlife  Sports Museum in Vails Mills, NY.

I hope you enjoy my lures and enjoy fishing Hillbilly style.  You can see my articles, "Walleye Fishing with John Zeis" in the Sept. 2016 Upstate Edition of The Angler Magazine, and "Ice Fishing for Pike in the Adirondacks with Hillbilly" in the January 2017 Upstate Edition.